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About us

Nanovia disposes unique know-how in the production of nanofiber materials and laminates.

About the company

Nanovia s.r.o. is a company possessing the greatest capacity for industrial production of nanofiber materials in Europe. This capacity is used for the production of barrier fabrics introduced on the market under its own brand names of Nanovia AntiAllergyNanovia Face mask and filter materials Nanovia Clean Air.

Fabric laminates developed by Nanovia belongs to the category of hi-tech materials. This is a practical application of nanotechnology in conjunction with other industrial technologies for the production of materials for advanced industrial sectors with high technical requirements for their end products (filter materials, medical devices, home fabrics).

The fabric laminates are manufactured in the form of fabrics mainly of 160 cm in width (Nanovia AntiAllergy fabric is available in a width of 235 cm). The laminates are available for a wide group of customers who use it for the production of their own innovative products delivered to market under their brand name.

Beside the production of materials marketed under its own trademarks, Nanovia offers its production capacity for custom production of nanofiber materials for different applications and final products as the only one in Europe. This offer goes to companies that are considering to market products with nanofibers and do not have their own production capacity. These companies are also offered the assistance in optimizing the nanofiber production process for their product.

The company has manufacturing technologies enabling effectively coating various substrates by nanofiber layers of different polymers, thus creating the material of new usable properties and parameters. For the production of laminates with nanofibers, Nanovia uses the lamination technologies modified in order to use them for processing of nanomaterials or nanofiber layers.

Actual production of nanofibers and their laminates requires high know-how and interconnection of several industries. Nanovia possesses unique know-how in connection with industrial production of nanofibers from polymers PA6, PVDF and other polymers and know-how needed for the design and manufacture of laminates.


The production of nanofibers is a very young industry sector. Nanovia stands on its beginning and will forever be a part of its history in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Europe.

Thanks to its strong technological background and financial support from European funds, the company has prepared a project to build a factory for the production of nanofiber and fabric laminates in 2010. Since 2010, it has also been implementing the development of nanofiber fabric laminates the production and sales of which was started in 2013. Since 2013, we have been offering custom production of nanofiber materials for different application uses.

Factory equipment at its full capacity with all the necessary technologies was completed by the end of 2015.


  • EN ISO 9001:2009 Quality Management System
  • EN ISO 14001:2008 Environmental management
  • OHSAS 18001:2008 Systém managementu bezpečnosti a ochrany zdraví při práci

Our mission

  • The company wants to develop and produce materials containing nanofibers intended for the manufacture of products with high added value
  • The company wants to be a reliable supplier of nanofiber materials intended for products of our customers

our mission  

Our vision

  • The company supports its customers and partners in the development of their new products
  • The company implements strict environmental policy
  • The company supports its employees in their education and the acquisition of know-how
  • The company collaborates with research institutions to develop more products


our vision

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Nanovia is one of the founding members of the Nanotechnology Industry Association of the Czech Republic. The Association aims to represent the interests of Czech companies and research in this field on a national and European level, in business as well as research and educational spheres. It wants to build on the good name the Czech Republic has in this field worldwide and spread positive awareness of nanotechnology in society. It will also focus on the active search for support and opportunities for cooperation between the commercial and research sectors.

More information on www.ceskojenano.cz.

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