Company Nanovia Ltd was founded as a commercial subject for commercialization of “Research and development centre Nanotex” resultes. This centre is supported by the company Česká včela Ltd with the objective to develop and manufacture materials with the content of nanofibers intended to manufacture products with specific qualities.

Research and development operations executed within the activities of the centre resulted in a range of unique barrier fabrics and filtration materials.

Developed filtering materials used within filtration units have the ability to lower the energetic demands of it’s operation and this way they lower the operational costs.

Uniqueness of the barrier fabrics lies in using layer of submicron fibers (nanofibers), which is part of manufactured fabric material (sandwich) as a barrier against penetration of allergens, microorganisms and fluids. Even though the structure of submicron layers is able to collect dust particles, microorganisms and molecules of water smaller than 1 μm (micron) this layer is also well permeable for air and vapors thanks to which it offers the user excellent utility and comfort.

Apart from manufacturing and sale of filtration materials and barrier fabrics with a content of nanofibrous layer launched to the market under brand names Nanovia AntiMicrobe, Nanovia AntiAllergy and Nanovia Waterproof, the company Nanovia Ltd offers it’s customers a production of nanofibrous materials for their new products per order.

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